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Charlotte, North Carolina
BLM protests over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott ('innocent' but armed dindu) who refused to surrender his weapon when confronted by a black officer. Said to be reading a book, but no books found at the crime scene. 'Peaceful protests' and riots ensued, as well as a state of emergency being declared.
le slippy slope
You've all heard of the 'slippery slope fallacy' - in its most basic form, it exist as: "**if X happens, therefore Y will happen as a result**". For a very long time, it's been a favourite of the left, used to shut down arguments against proposed reforms to law that pave the way for further-legalised degeneracy.
Ruminations On The Left
I've had a bit of time to develop theories about certain behaviours that I've had a decent amount of exposure to - thanks to the political left's insufferable tendency to start arguments when any opportunity arises. So, in this article, I'm going to discuss some of these theories. They may have been heard of before, or documented, or already be widely-known and accepted, but they pertain to my understanding of the left's mindset.
The Moderate Islam Delusion
The past few weeks have been rife with tragedy and bloodshed. It's impossible to deny, no matter what side of the political spectrum you occupy. We've seen suicide bombings. We've seen the gunning down of innocent civilians in places all over the world, which has only served to further the left's push to disarm the masses.
Isn't it funny?
Not many people accomplish their life goal, and very rarely are they young enough to reap its rewards. But, on the 23rd of June, the dream of Nigel "Can't barrage the" Farage, and many other patriotic Brits, was realised as the United Kingdom escaped the clammy grasp of the (((European Union))) and regained its independence. The European Union is rapidly being driven towards its untimely end, with (((Angela Merkel))) at the helm, and the situation worsens by the day.
An Introduction
First and foremost, welcome to triplebracket.
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