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Isn't it funny?
Not many people accomplish their life goal, and very rarely are they young enough to reap its rewards.
But, on the 23rd of June, the dream of Nigel "Can't barrage the" Farage, and many other patriotic Brits, was realised as the United Kingdom escaped the clammy grasp of the (((European Union))) and regained its independence. The European Union is rapidly being driven towards its untimely end, with (((Angela Merkel))) at the helm, and the situation worsens by the day.

Many of us hoped for, but few of us expected, the victory of the Leave side in the referendum. Nobody could have expected, though, that Based Nige would decide to step down as leader of UKIP. His reasons doing so are valid, and highly respectable -
"I want my life back. And it begins right now ... I have never been, and I have never wanted to be, a career politician."
You've done your duty, Nige. Since becoming the UKIP Member of the European Parliament in 1999 Nigel has been strongly opposed to the euro project, especially to the unified currency and open borders. His steadfast position on the matter coupled with his inability to be photographed not smiling or drinking a cheeky pint have garnered him many fans across the right, jokingly (and often seriously) referred to as the "Saviour of Britain".

His decision to leave British politics has been a tough blow to many fellow shitposters, but his dream still lives on within the edgy memes and the £350 million not going to Brussels.
Truly the hero we deserved, and the hero we got. The sun will soon shine on an independent Britain, and somewhere, Nigel will sip a pint contentedly - at peace, at last.

What would you know, you're just a white male! Everything Nigel stood for is racist and xenophobic!

Too many people we've had to deal with end up drawing this card - it's when you know it's obvious that they don't know what they're talking about.
Nationalism appears to be a trait that few possess - instead, the majority appear to be completely for open borders, and are ready and waiting for their special cultural enrichment.
There is a difference between wanting to have more independence from the sprawling bureaucracy of Brussels and racism. Just as there are differences between that and wanting to have better control over their own sovereignty, and of course, the elephant in the room, migration. Unskilled migrants leech off welfare, and undercut Brits who actually want jobs. For those who actually want to earn their keep, and follow legitimate channels to get further in their lives, it goes without saying just how unfair this is on them. It only makes more sense that the regressive left would fail to consider these points when you look at their demographic - your usual Sanders supporting, welfare-leeching, LGBTIDGAF+ never-worked-a-day-in-my-life SJW type.

48 percent voted against it! I want another referendum!

It wouldn't have mattered to them if the tables had turned the other way, and Remain won 52-48, or even 50.1-49.9, because democracy is only valid to the left if it gets them the results they want. "Nearly 50% voted for Leave? They wouldn't happen to be racists, or anything???"
It should be noted that some concerns of the people who voted to remain are quite valid and do need to be considered when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is eventually invoked - those such as movement between borders for work, and trade concerns. These are all things that will be dealt with by future policy-makers, and also not issues that actually concern many leftists at all.

Stupid old people won't have to live with muh destroyed UK, youth voted 70% in favour of remain!

1. The UK is not destroyed. The value of the pound did slump, yes, but that is because it is based off trade, and trade is driven by speculation, which are driven by your Keynesian animal spirits you would have learned about in your secondary school economics class, which apparently also gave you authority to speak on behalf of an entire economy. The FTSE 100 has not only returned to pre-Brexit levels, but actually exceeded them.
2. The oldies may actually know a thing or two about the UK pre-EU? A country free from the stranglehold of Brussels bureaucracy, of having to give so much more than it gets, of having to deal with an influx of shitskins and roaches. A London free of a Muslim mayor, who has taken advantage of the blinded populace to slowly enact Sharia Law in his own city. The UK needs to return to dominance. It has been crippled post-WW2, but the steps it takes now are crucial for its survival, and rise to power once more, or, conversely, its demise.

A wonderful rendition of the man himself, illustrated by our very own Neetzsche.
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