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Ruminations On The Left
I've had a bit of time to develop theories about certain behaviours that I've had a decent amount of exposure to - thanks to the political left's insufferable tendency to start arguments when any opportunity arises.
So, in this article, I'm going to discuss some of these theories. They may have been heard of before, or documented, or already be widely-known and accepted, but they pertain to my understanding of the left's mindset.

The Pack Mentality

Thanks to my lack of like-minded friends in the environments that I have to work and study in, I often find myself completely out-numbered when "political discussion" do arise.
They don't remain political for very long - I'll get to that - but something that I do notice is that where there is one, many will follow. It's not even that I choose to pick fights with large groups of them, it's simply that they smell blood. As one of them once told me: "mess with the squad, you'll get the horns".
This is where the name-calling and shit-flinging arises. This is where the playground bullying behaviour seems to manifest itself. They use social media as a platform to outnumber, attack and humiliate their prey, which happened to be the evil right-wing fascist who just wanted to ask questions or offer an alternative viewpoint. You'd all know that many of them simply share/retweet cherry-picked or otherwise horrendously fallacious posts or (((dank memes))) to supply their own bit of static to what is already a very loud, over-crowded echo chamber.

There's a fair bit of hypocrisy that comes out around now, too. Each of however many of them that there are - five, ten, twenty - will overlook the questions that you ask statements that you make, and move straight on to their personal attacks. That, or they play the victim card. It's usually when they can insult you enough to bait you into retaliating that they play that card. Disagreements are interpreted as insults. Consider the discussion derailed. It's a good way for them to get out of explaining the issues that they couldn't possibly understand, and keep denying that regurgitating what high-profile leftist figures tell them does not constitute an argument, much less a proper opinion. "How DARE you insult my friend like that?"

I can reach no other conclusion other than that these people crave these kinds of encounters. They are treated as no more than a game, another opportunity to defeat the bad guy with the differing, scary opinion, and get a kick out of it while doing so. Why? It's because in this type of scenario, each of them can take turns to attack another angle, and you have one, maybe two people who have to defend themselves against the lefty lynch mob.
I can't tell you to avoid these kind of confrontations. Quite the opposite. The kind of behaviour I see in just my Facebook news feed cannot be left to go unchecked.
These tactics become easier to recognise, and therefore counter, until suddenly you have them desperately flinging whatever they can at you while it simply misses - they've used it all before, and are incapable of arguing in any way other than that.

It reminds me somewhat of this:

The Popularity Contest

Another thing I've noticed too often is that there are a few stock phrases that get dropped during discussions. Either that, or a seemingly unrelated phrase or tagline, all for some sort of mass-appeal.
It's all to garner some volume of support, or replies to further derail an already out-of-control thread, or heaven forbid - fish for likes or retweets. I swear these people must confer in the background to decide just whose turn it is to say the next thing, or call each other to action.
Or are they just that cucked that acting this way is second nature to them?
To me, it seems that they do these things just to build up buzz amongst one another. Again, it's them chasing the payoff of utterly and irreversibly BTFO-ing us. Maybe even putting some of us on suicide watch. I think that about sums up the way they think of a lot of things - instant gratification. It's impossible to think in the long term, and why would you do that when you could get the same childish kicks again, and again?

This post may seem to some like it's just a release of pent-up rage. I guess you could call it that. That, and it's just that I've had a very long time to think about these things.
I'm very interested to see what other observations people have made.
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