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The alt-right comes with numerous words and phrases you'll need to accquaint yourself with.
You may already recognise a lot of them.

Refers to the '14 words' by David Lane "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." As H is the 8th letter in the alphabet 88 is common code for HH, Heil Hitler. It may also be written as 1488 or 14 88.

4D Chess
A very crafty task, thinking many moves ahead of the competition.

6 Gorillion/Shekillion
Alludes to the often exaggerated statistics of Holocaust victims.

The ability to reason and deduce. Agency is often attributed to people or animals that may lack it.

Alt Right
Alternate Right. Generic term for right-wing political groups that are fed up with the mainstream cuckservatives.

Anarcho-Capitalism. Right-Wing libertarian political ideology.

Protest group, short for Anti-Fascist. Often wear ski masks and try to beat up nationalists.

Someone who has raised their position on the spectrum to obscene levels.

Basic Bitch
A person who holds the default position, going along with whatever the mainstream is. Doesn't like the challenging of their worldviews.

A Mexican person, referring to the abundance of beans in Central American cuisine.

Beaner Wall
Planned development by God Emperor Trump to stop the Mexicans illegally immigrating.

Black Lives Matter (BLM)
Protest group formed after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Like to burn down black neighbourhoods when a dindu is killed.

A common insult from leftists against those who oppose the narrative. (See: Race realist, Racist)

Cat Lady
Childless liberal women who decide to be overbearing mothers of the country, rather than raising their own family. Enjoy signalling.

A protest involving African-American vibrant youths. Typically orchestrated by BLM after some dindu is shot.

Context Denial
The refusal to look at the bigger picture, or to take generalisations into account when the narrative is questioned. (See: NAxALT)

Signalling against the narrative, often ironically. A good way to rile up the jimmies of leftists. (See: Signalling)

Short for cuckold. Named after the cuckoo bird after its habits to taking care of other birds' eggs, often unaware of it until they hatch. Used as an insult of a man who lets his partner sleep with other people, or a man with low masculinity.

A portmanteau of cuck and conservative, used to describe republicans who shill the leftist narrative or refuse to concern themselves with key conservative points, such as immigration.

Someone who has lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable. Includes polygamists, drug users and communists.

Democratic Socialism

D e s i g n a t e d
A common insult on /pol/ against Indians, referring to their obsession of using designated shitting streets over toilets.(See: Poo In Loo)

Deus Vult
Latin for "god wills it". Battle-cry used throughout the crusades. Used frequently by those in the alt right as a need for a 10th crusade to purge the dirty Syrian Saracens.

A mass-produced fake phallic object that often serves as a replacement for marriage. A suitable metaphor for "progressive" policies and beliefs.

Dindu Nuffin
Alteration of the common BLM saying "He didn't do nothing" often used when referring to black criminals shot by police. Shortened to 'dindu', it can be used to refer to any African-American.

The black uneducable youth, named after the low tier common core class many are placed into.

8chan (8ch.net), often referring to the politically incorrect board, pol. Called doublechan as it is two 4chans. (See: Halfchan)

A representation of Jews and the way their actions echo throughout history. Jewish names often are written surrounded by three brackets and have an audial echo when recorded. A creation of TRS and the namesake of this site.

Electric Jew
Television (See: Talmudvision and Telavivision)


Nigel Farage, the previous leader of UKIP and the main face of the Brexit Leave vote. A mad lad who enjoys cheeky pints with the lads.

Short for fascist, a common insult by left libertarians against those further right than them. Now used as a compliment among the right.

A non-Jewish person (See: Goy)

The act of white people going into a predominantly black neighbourhood and increasing property values by fixing and improving the real estate. Somehow seen as a bad thing.

Welfare. What a black person would say at the welfare office or in socialist rallies.

Good Goy
A non-Jewish person who cucks for Jewish ideals.

Short for goyim. A non-Jewish person. (See: Gentile)

4chan (4chan.org), specifically the politically incorrect board, /pol/. Called halfchan as it is half of 8chan. (See: Doublechan)

Happy Merchant
A Jew, one who manipulates the good goyim into doing his bidding. Represented as the famous meme seen below.

Facts and statistics that don't agree with the narrative.

A Jew. Short for Hebrew, the Jewish language. (See: Yid, Kike)

Helicopter Rides
A pastime of Pinochet, his favoured method of removing the Chilean communists.

Herbal Jew

He did nothing wrong

Intelligence Quotient, a primary factor in the agency and financial status of people. The differences in IQ between races is one of the greatest hatefacts.

A Turkish person. Named after their favourite food and the only good thing they brought to the west. (See: Turkroach)

The Egyptian frog god of darkness, obscurity and the unknown. Praise be upon him.

A Jew. A shortening of the Yiddish word for circle, kikel, as Jews would refuse to mark entry forms with crosses to avoid association with Christianity. (See: Heeb, Yid)

Yiddish verb meaning "To whine or complain, often needlessly and incessantly."

The supposed act done by the German National Socialists during the Holocaust against Jews (making lampshades out of their skin). Now used as an action to be done to the leftists (See: Ovening)

Short for Live Action Role Playing. The act of believing or wishing for political reforms that will likely never happen.

A Canadian.

Someone who supports the political views or policies of the left-wing. Prefer larger government and social benefits.

A leftist

Liquid Jew

London after the unregulated Pakistani immigration and the election of Sadiq Kahn as the mayor.

Make America Great Again. Motto for the Donald Trump presidential campaign. A goal for us all.

Meme Magic
The power held by Kek to control the normies with our fashy memes.

Men Going Their Own Way. Beta males who couldn't get a GF and decided to make it an ideology.

The idea that you can oppress people unknowingly but should still be silenced for it.

Rap genius and leader of the KKK.

The overarching theme and goals held by the mainstream. Should never be challenged.

Natural Conservative
Mexicans. Somehow even though they vote 75% democrat and prefer socialist parties in their own countries cuckervatives still believe that more Mexican immigration would benefit the Republican Party.

Not All X Are Like That. A favoured egalitarian response to when hatefacts are presented that may challenge their narrative. #NotAllMuslims, etc.

A gay anus that doesn't yet have AIDS, and is waiting to be pozzed. Named as such because it is HIV negative, and is a hole. (See: Poz)


Technology not built to improve lives, but to continue the mediocrity. Built specifically for consumption by those on welfare. The term is created by The Boondocks.

Reference to the supposed action undertaken by the German National Socialists against the Jews during the Holocaust. Now used as an action that should be done to the leftists. (See: Lampshading)

Peak Negro (Macro)
The phenomenon in which the population of a city reaches a certain proportion of blacks, causing a feedback loop of property value decrease and white flight. Examples include Detroit, Fergusson and Baltimore.

Peak Negro (Micro)
The internal instinct to lash out violently caused by the congregation of blacks.

Augusto Pinochet, the leader of the military coup against communist Chile. A fan of helicopters. (See: Helicopter ride)

Refers to both politically incorrect boards on 8chan and 4chan. The home of shitposting. (See: Doublechan, Halfchan)

Poo In Loo
An attempt to educate the Indian populace to use toilets over shitting on the beach or street. (See: D e s i g n a t e d)

Someone or something that are HIV positive, enjoys pozzing negholes. Can also be used to refer to a general degeneration of traditional culture by the (((tribe))). (See: Neghole)

Race Realist
The term used to describe one who judges a population based on their generalisations and statistics. (See: Racist, Bigot)

A common insult from leftists against those who do not values all races equally, or those who see any race other than the human race. An attempt to shut down the argument without any actual information. (See: Race realist, Bigot)

A refugee who enjoys raping the native inhabitants of their host countries. Any refugee.

Rent Seeking
Doing something seemingly altruistic only for the goal of getting money. Guilt-tripping betas into donating to your Patreon so you can continue to not get a job.

Official currency of Israel. The second god of the heebs.

A person who pretends to give an impartial endorsement of something in which they themselves have an interest.

Making worthless, inane comments on an internet discussion just for the sake of it. An Australian pastime.

The Hebrew word for a mass murder or similar catastrophe. Often used to denote the Holocaust.

Shut It Down
Favoured hobby of the yids. If you go against the narrative you may have to be shut down and removed from further discussion.

Going along with the narrative. Sharing memes from Occupy Democrats on your facebook in order to garner attention from those that already agree with you.

Social Justice Warrior. Those on the left that think that they're against the mainstream and have to save us all from the cis het white male scum. (See: Cat lady)

Spurdo Spärde
Truly the greatest pinnacle of the Finnish civilisation.

Standard Fuckparty
A real life event involving hundreds of gay men pozzing each other's negholes.

Sweden Yes
The chant by all leftists when Sweden inevitably takes the dildo.

The people parodied on the blog "Stuff White People Like". Mainstream white hipster liberals. Pronounced "Swipple" when singular or "Sweeple" in plural.

Television (See: Electric Jew, Telavivision)

Television (See: Electric Jew, Talmudvision)

The Current Year
Have you checked it yet? Preferred argument from John Oliver and therefore all leftist SWPLs.

The Happening

therightstuff.biz. Creators of the echo meme and one of the first to use cuckservative as an insult.

Donald Trump, unstumpable god emperor and saviour of the white race.

A Turkish person (See: Kebab)

Vibrant Youth
A black teen, especially those campaigning for BLM.

White Flight
The opposite of gentrification, where white civilians leave a city after macro peak negro is achieved.

Windmill Of Friendship And Tolerance
卐卐卐A lovely symbol of happiness and tolerance卐卐卐

A Jewish person. Named after a shortening of Yiddish, the older Jewish language.

Zyklon Ben
Ben Garrison, the greatest artist the world has ever seen.